Folding Display Kits

Interested in making optimal usage of the space allotted to your organization durinng trade shows and exhibitions? Scribo Displays offers you portable and reusable folding display kits that enable you to utilise exhibition space effectively at trade shows and exhibitions. These folding display kits are available in various colours with single or twin headers. They are lightweight and easy to assemble without using specialised tools.

Our folding display kits comprise of double-sided loop polyester panels, with the colour combination being either blue and grey or red and black. Pins and Velcro can be used to fix the folding display kit to a durable PVC frame with a dark grey finish. Each display kit is packed individually in a carton and comes with a carry bag. Allow us to show you our collection of folding display kits, which might just help fulfill your trade show display needs.        

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