Flag Pole 415

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Product Features

  • Great branding tool

  • Features 50 liter water tank that provides good stability

  • Aluminium tripod base

  • Completely screwed connections

  • Clamp ring for extra fixation



Details & Specifications

Flag Pole 415

At Scribo Display, we offer Flagpole 415 that features aluminium tripod base and 50 litre water tank. Portable and easy to set up, the Flagpole 415 are suitable for outdoor flag displays. When you want to create a strong bond with public and draw a positive image, installing a flagpole and displaying a flag is a great way to do it.

Why our customers love the product?

  • Great branding tool.
  • Features 50 liter water tank that provides good stability.
  • Aluminium tripod base.
  • Completely screwed connections.
  • Clamp ring for extra fixation.
  • The Flagpole is available in 4150mm height with flag size of 800x3000mm.

If you're interested in the product, please feel free to contact Scribo Display.

Whereas low resolution files will suffice for your visual, we will require artwork in vector format for production. Download our Artwork Requirements here for more information




Artwork pdf

Artwork pdf